Hamilton & District

Alectra Utilities

All Electricall

Apollo Electric Inc.
Bordi Electric Inc.
Bosanac Heating & Electric Ltd. *
Cedardale Contracting
Controltech Electrical Inc. *

Cummins Canada ULC

Cummins Eastern Canada
David Lopinski Electric Ltd. *
Duke Electric (1977) Ltd.
Electric Motor Services
Electrical Safety Authority *

ENEK Electric Inc.
Fairway Electrical Services
Gerrie Electrical Services
Getty Associates
Giannetti Electric Inc.

Glover Electric Inc.
Graybar Electric (Ontario) Ltd.
Hank's Electric
Jeff Sayles Electric

Know Your Home

Kraun Electric
Lectric Lee Ltd.
Merlo Electric Inc. *
Mohawk Electric
Multi-Werx Electric Inc.
Murray Peters Electric Ltd.
NMR Electric
Power Line Electrical Service
PRL Maintenance Electric Ltd.

Province Electric Supply Ltd.

PSB Tek Electric & Security
R.J. Cramm Electric Ltd.
Reilly Integrated Supply
Robertson Electric Wholesale
Romar Electrical Services
Southwestern Electric Inc.

Spectrum Power Systems
SYM Electric

T&T Power Group

T.C.T. Electric Contracting
Telitnet Solutions Ltd.

Thomas & Betts
Victor Electric & Equip.
*24 Hour Service

Are you an Electrical Contractor or Supplier? Consider joining our Association.

  • Non profit association
  • Communicate & educate
  • Represent and promote
  • Dinner & Socials
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  • Member of OEL
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Our Mission Statement


Commit to excellence in meeting customers expectations. Ensure ethical conduct is recognized, valued and exemplified by all employee's. Comply with all government rules and regulations to ensure quality service, workmanship, and public safety. Complete all electrical installations in compliance with the Ontario Electrical Safety Code. Agree to engage in fair business practices including but not limited to the following:

  • follow proper tendering procedures
  • maintain appropriate levels of liability insurance
  • use of qualified and certified employees

Recognize the value of education, and strive for continuous improvement of best practices and procedures for employees and customers alike. Provide a safe and healthy workplace. See value in maintaining HDECA membership and use of organization resources and services.